Presentation TitlePresenterSession
A comparison of national HIV/AIDS health expenditures in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia -- before and after the donor influx Susna De Poster
A comparison of parametric and non-parametric methods to estimate the costs of obesity Stephan Gohmann Poster
A cost-utility analysis of antenatal screening to prevent congenital rubella syndrome Anna Lugnér Poster
A cross-country comparison of nurses’ altruistic motives Mylene Lagarde Poster
A Diagnostic Related Group and Its Effect on Hospital Costs: findings from Indonesia Ni Mas Ratna Sudewi Poster
A Discussion on NHI Pharmaceutical Price Gap in Taiwan Juei-Hua Lee Poster
A look at the lives of the unemployed in Spain Climent Quintana-Domeque Poster
A new health status index to measure population health from the EQ-5D VAS score Juan M Cabases Poster
A new healthcare financing system for Austria based on theory, empirical evidence and international case studies Thomas Czypionka Poster
A Pareto Improvement for Chinese Healthcare Sector: Enhancing the Role of Community Healthcare in China Qi Cao Poster
A regional analysis on the activity of transplantations in Italy: issues related to demand and supply Lara Gitto Poster
A systematic review of the economic costs and consequences of fall prevention interventions for older people A-La Park Poster
A uniform framework for assessing the benefits of health care services: development of a checklist to identify the attributes of relevance for use in discrete choice experiments Linda Spijkers Poster
Access and Satisfaction with Health Care in Canada and the United States Stephan Gohmann Poster
An assessment of efficiency of Chinese county hospitals during economic transition: data from 1993 to 2005 Ruoyan Gai Poster
An Empirical Investigation of the Reformed Public Health Insurance in Urban China Minglai Zhu Poster
An Impact Evaluation of Access to Health Care In Different Social Experiments of Rural China Qinxiang Xue Poster
Analysis and Thinking of the Implementary Results Based on New First Treatment System in Shenzhen Community Guangqiang Lai Poster
Analysis of factors influencing medical expenditures and countermeasures in China Lvlin Zhou Poster
Are Current Global HIV/AIDS Targets Reasonable? Mark Pearson Poster
Are there spatial and socio-economic inequities in incidence and burden and prevention of malaria? A study in southeast Nigeria Ogoamaka Chukwuogo Poster
Assessing the implementation and effects of direct facility funding in health centres & dispensaries in Coast Province, Kenya Catherine Goodman Poster
Assessment of the economic impact of the Law 28/2005 of healthcare measures against smoking Anna García-Altés Poster
Assessment of total economic burden of CHB related diseases in China Min Hu Poster
Association between obesity and low back pain among Taiwanese adults: does higher economic status alleviate the association? Hsiao-Yun Hu Poster
Bargaining between Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) and Independent Pharmacies in the U.S. Yang Xie Poster
Barriers to Access to Antiretroviral Treatment in Mozambique as Perceived by Patients and Health Workers in Urban and Rural Settings Mariana Posse Poster
Basic Researches' Effects on Pharmaceutical Companies' Innovative Performances : Evidence from Japan Hiromi Saito Poster
BMS or DES for CAD Patients: Balancing Between Economic and Clinical Outcomes Yi-Ling Lin Poster
Can Prospect Theory Corrections Improve Consistency of Estimated Health Utilities? Michael Nichol Poster
Capital, Migration and Health Status: a French Data Analysis Florence Jusot Poster
Cash Incentives for Maternity Care: Impact of Nepal's Safe Delivery Incentive Programme Timothy Powell-Jackson Poster
Catastrophic health care payment reconsidered: An ethical perspective with application to Nigeria John Ataguba Poster
Challenges of Healthcare Practice in a Developing Economy: a Report of a Year Practice in a Primary Health Care Centre in South-Eastern Nigeria Olawale Oladimeji Poster
Change in Peer’s Behaviour and the Model of Punctuated Organizational Change: Using Smoking and Driking As an Example Christy Pu Poster
Changes in the trend rate of child mortality decline in developing countries, and its relationship to health spending and the MDG commitments: A multilevel analysis Ravindra Rannan-Eliya Poster
Changes of Hospital Service Use and Cost in Schizophrenia Patients Treated With Long-Acting Injectable Risperidone: a One-Year Mirror Image Study Using a Population-Based Database in Taiwan Hui-Chih Chang Poster
Chronic Disease Management Programs (CDMP) – The Economic Value Racheli Magnezi Poster
Comparing efficacies of treatments for chronic hepatitis B: A Bayesian mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis Gloria Woo Poster
Comparing Patient Satisfaction with Health Insurance For Poor People Program And Family Doctor For Poor People Program Ekowati Retnaningsih Poster
Comparison of Catastrophic Health Expenditures in Turkey with Some Other Countries Nesrin Cilingiroglu Poster
Comparison of perforation rate among native Taiwanese and migrants/immigrants with acute appendicitis in Taiwan, 1996-2001 Tsai-Ling Liu Poster
Compliance and persistence of antihypertensive treatment in newly diagnosed patients Pin-Hsuan Wu Poster
Control Systems for Managing Medical Resources in Medical Organizations Racheli Magnezi Poster
Controlling Drug Price and Quality In Health Insurance at Indonesia Budi Setiawan Poster
Coordinating health care. Too many cooks may spoil the broth. Inger Cathrine Kann Poster
Coordination or Integration: a Comparative Study on Performance of Health Care Delivery Systems Ken Aoki Poster
Cost benefit analysis of an intervention program on avoidable hospitalizations. Jose Luis Alfonso Poster
Cost Effectiveness of Introducing Pneumococcus Vaccine in a Sri Lankan Community: Epidemiology and Economic Analysis - Methodology Sanjeewa Kularatna Poster
Cost estimation of diabetic clinic attendance at the General Hospital, Kandy, Sri Lanka Suneth Agampodi Poster
Cost Optimization in a Continuous-Time HIV Model. Andres Berruti Poster
Cost-Benefit Analysis of an Innovative Hospital Service for Improving the Clinical Management of Patients Jose Luis Alfonso Poster
Cost-effectiveness analysis of DEXA versus existing technologies in Italy Marco Ratti Poster
Cost-effectiveness of an improved care model for patients with anxiety disorders in primary care Hans-Helmut Koenig Poster
Costs and cost-effectiveness of immunisation programmes: the role of lay health workers Adrijana Corluka Poster
Costs and kits - evaluating the national free delivery and caesarean policy in Senegal Sophie Witter Poster
Costs in PSA screening for prostate cancer: evidence from Finland Neill Booth Poster
Critical Workforce Practices - Healthcare Preethi Pradhan Poster
Death Appears As a Choice Variable for the Poor People: an Analysis of Demand for Health Care of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Nepal Shiva Raj Adhikari Poster
Decision-making in general practice: the importance of laboratory analyses when choosing medical actions Siri Fauli Munkerud Poster
Demand side financing options for improving maternal health care—Feasibility and costs of a voucher scheme in Karnataka, India Beena Varghese Poster
Demographic Scales for Ex-Ante Risk Equalization in Australia Francesco Paolucci Poster
Discrete choice experiment to assess public preferences and willingness to pay for information services during pregnancy Rebecca Hancock Poster
Do the hospitals collude or compete under hospital global budget system: evidence from Taiwan Jui-fen Rachel Lu Poster
Does integration of health care interventions reduce cost? Experience from an integrated programme for control of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) in Uganda Fiona Fleming Poster
Does mode of administration matter? Comparison of online and face-to-face administration of a time trade-off task Paula Cronin Poster
Does the availability of more imaging providers per person result in more patient convenience? Mythreyi Chatfield Poster
Doing Right Things vs Doing Things Right-An example of a National Plan for Prevention of Blindness in Rwanda Keerti Pradhan Poster
Drop Out Disparity in US Mental Health Treatment Chih-Nan Chen Poster
Early Hospital Readmission and Related Resources Utilizations for Older Heart Failure Adults in Taiwan Ying-Chun Li Poster
Economic Analysis of Pre-pandemic Influenza Vaccination Strategies in Singapore Mei Yin Tok Poster
Economic Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine versus Western Medicine in Treating Lung Cancer Gordon Liu Poster
Economic consequences for low-income households coping with healthcare expenses in rural Vietnam Kim Nguyen Poster
Economic Determinants of the Probability and Intensity of Health Care Utilisation: The Case of Egypt and Lebanon Heba Elgazzar Poster
Economic evaluation of a pentavalent rotavirus vaccine in New Zealand Richard Milne Poster
Economic viability of the implementation of a pharmaceutical industry producing harmonies in the State of Bahia/Brazil. Andreia Costa Santos Poster
Educational differences in smoking: a comparison between China and the United States Feng Liu Poster
Effects of Participation of Primary Stakeholders on Economic Efficiency, Equity, and Financial Sustainability of Healthcare Services: Evidence from Selected Areas in Bangladesh Sushil Howlader Poster
Effects of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) on Health Insurance Coverage, Access to and Use of Health Services HUA WANG Poster
Efficient Delivery of HIV and AIDS services in Uganda: Lessons from the Uganda HIV Services Project (UHSP) Lydia Buzaalirwa Poster
Equity in health care: Perceptions of policy makers in the health sector of Bangladesh Rumana Huque Poster
Equity of Health Care Financing in Australia Mohammad Hajizadeh Poster
Establishing health system financing research priorities in developing countries using a participatory methodology Michael Ranson Poster
Estimates of Health Adjusted Life Expectancy from the World Health Surveys using an enhanced methodology Stefan Baeten Poster
Estimating optimum resource needs of a health care system: An analysis based on cross-country data Mahmud Khan Poster
Estimating the cost of stigma for receiving antiretroviral therapy among HIV/AIDS patients in the northeast Thailand Tsutomu Kitajima Poster
Evaluating policies that simultanously target several chronic diseases: using a new Australian economic model system Agnes Walker Poster
Forecasting risk behaviour to reduce E. coli O157 risk in United Kingdom Andreia Costa Santos Poster
Giving Birth to Certification and Competition: A proposal to make abortion services cheaper, safer, and more transparent in the developing world Michael Richards Poster
Glycemic Control and Cost-effectiveness Following Initiation of Insulin Glargine or Detemir in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus—An Analysis of Electronic Medical Records Philip Levin Poster
Glycemic control and costs with insulin glargine plus glulisine versus premix -- A randomized, prospective, observational study Philip Levin Poster
Government/Community Partnership in Health Care Funding: Anambra State of Nigeria Experience Echendu Adinma Poster
Health and Economic Impact of HPV Vaccination on Cervical Cancer Screening in Spain: Implications on the Current Screening Practices of Vaccinated Cohorts Mireia Diaz Poster
Health burden and costs of osteopenia and osteoporosis attributable hip fractures in Germany in the years 2002, 2020 and 2050 Alexander Konnopka Poster
Health care utilization in Ecuador: A multilevel analysis of socioeconomic determinants and equity issues Chunhuei Chi Poster
Health Economic Evaluation Methods for Decision-Making in the Spanish Dental Care Jaime Pinilla Poster
Health expenditures evolution in Brazil: an analysis utilizing the model of components price and quantity Rodrigo Mendes Leal Poster
Health expenditures in Russia after economic recovery Priyanka Saksena Poster
Health Services Utilisation Patterns Associated with Emergency Department Closure Anders Foldspang Poster
Health worker emigration: the potential threat for the stability of health systems and methods of limitation Krzysztof Krajewski-Siuda Poster
Healthcare Utilization and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Associated With Metabolic Syndrome Wenbin Zang Poster
Hospital Financial Risk Stratification for Inpatient Service in the impending TW-DRGs Reimbursement System: A Classification and Regression Trees Modeling Approach Sheng-Hsiu Wu Poster
Household Food Expenditures, Parental Time Allocation, and Child Overweight: An Integrated Two-Stage Collective Model with an Empirical Application and Test Wen You Poster
Household out-of-pocket spending on non-fatal road traffic injuries and its determining factors in the Indian state of Kerala S. K. Godwin Poster
How Cash and a Brighter Future Affect Adolescent Risk Behaviors: Evidence from Mexico Omar Galarraga Poster
How did the Kyrgyz Republic reduce informal payments between 2001 and 2006? Melitta Jakab Poster
How does PHARMAC prioritise pharmaceuticals to maximise "bang for buck"? Matthew Poynton Poster
How does socioeconomic development affect risk of mortality? An age-period-cohort analysis from the recently transitioned population of Hong Kong Roger Chung Poster
HTA Report – Using knee prostheses on the basis of evidence – Correlation between implant performance and costs Antonio Migliore Poster
Human resources for health productivity in Tanzania: a multifaceted problem Fatuma Manzi Poster
I need some companies: The effect of having other obese students in class on academic performance and self-satisfaction for obese adolescents Cheng-yun (Christy) Pu Poster
Impact of disease and socio-economic status on quality of life: panel evidence from the Oxford Vascular Study Ramon Luengo-Fernandez Poster
Individual Agency and Maternal Survival: Evidence from a Randomised Controlled Trial in Rural India Jolene Skordis-Worrall Poster
Infant Mortality In India: District - Level Variations and Correlations Shruti Kapoor Poster
Informal payments for treatment of malaria: differences in expenditures from consumers and providers perspectives in southeast Nigeria Obinna Onwujekwe Poster
Injectable Drug Abuse and Its effects on Household Economy Azaher Ali Molla Poster
International Comparisons of Health Care Responsiveness using Anchoring Vignettes from SHARE Nicolas Sirven Poster
Is there value in including health economics in an undergraduate medical curriculum? Rohan Sweeney Poster
Job Retention and Working Environment of Hospital Nurses in Japan Yasuko Ogata Poster
Lifetime cost-effectiveness of a lifestyle intervention for primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in general practice: the IMPALA modelling study Thea van Asselt Poster
Long Term Macroeconomic impact of the Response to HIV Erik Lamontagne Poster
Managing Primary Health Care Centres Through Public Private Partnership in Andhra Pradesh in South India Subodh Kandamuthan Poster
Mapping the Modified Rankin Scale (mRS) measurement into the generic EuroQol (EQ-5D) health outcome Oliver Rivero-Arias Poster
Measuring Health Inequality and Health System Efficiency with Realization of Conditional Potential Life Years (RCPLY) Kam Ki Tang Poster
Midwifery in New Zealand: Government Policies, Provider Choice, and Health Outcomes Andrea Menclova Poster
Modeling the Potential Impact of a Central Venous Catheter Education Program on Mortality and Cost Art King Poster
National Health Insurance in Ghana: Effects on Health Care Seeking and Expenditures Ha Nguyen Poster
New method (SKS method) of classification of short stature children for rGH treatment and potential economic impact of practical use of the method Ewa Krajewska-Siuda Poster
No Vacancy: Microsimulation Modeling of Supply-Side Interventions to Meet Excess Demand for Hospital Services during a Pandemic Flu Andrew Barnes Poster
Operational effect of waiting time reform in specialized care Ulla Tuominen Poster
Optimal Timing of Antiretroviral Drug Cocktails under Uncertainty and Irreversibility Michael Stolpe Poster
Options for change in the Australian cervical cancer screening program in context of HPV detection & vaccination Sophy Shih Poster
Outsourcing in Private and Public Hospitals Racheli Magnezi Poster
Paradigm shift in addressing health issues – Indian experience under National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) Ganga Murthy Poster
Patient Safety Culture and Budget Allocation for Patient Safety- Vetty Yulianty Permanasari Poster
Patterns and Influencing Factors of Compliance with Tuberculosis Treatment in Shandong Province, China Lizheng Shi Poster
Performance based payment system and the efficiency of hospitals in Turkey Seher Nur Sulku Poster
Pharmaceutical Patents and Access to HIV/AIDS treatment in Brazil: an analysis of antiretroviral drug price evolution Bruno Ventelou Poster
Physician Dual Practice: a local perspective Jiwei Qian Poster
Policies of modernizing health care infrastructure and management: an analysis of philanthropic hospitals financing by Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) Rodrigo Mendes Leal Poster
Poverty Impact of Household Tobacco Expenditures in Malaysia Chiu-Wan Ng Poster
Prepayment schemes in Tanzania: examining their potential for increasing access to health care Jane Macha Poster
Profitability in Hospital Service Lines Over Time Jingsan Zhu Poster
Public private partnership for equitable and rationalized healthcare under National Rural Health Mission in India Arun Bahuleyan Nair Poster
Public private partnership: Cost benefit of telemedicine in access to specialty care in remote areas of Andhra Pradesh (AP), India Veerabhadraiah Narumanchi Poster
Public Private Partnerships; A mechanism to improve access to the health services for the poorest in Andhra Pradesh (AP), India Lipika Nanda Poster
PUSKESMAS Management Autonomy Model, Its Effect PUSKESMAS Performance (Measured by Balance Score Card) Atikah Adyas Poster
Quantifying health-state utilities: Discrete choice modeling and its relationship to fundamental measurement Paul Krabbe Poster
Quantifying the Economic Value and Impact of Health Services Research Walter Wodchis Poster
Racial and Ethnic Differences in EQ5D Index Scores Michael Nichol Poster
Random Coefficients vs. Latent Class Models for Health Care Demand Frank Windmeijer Poster
Rate of Return to Education and Wage Rate in Health Care: An International Comparison Bianca Frogner Poster
Renumeration of Health Care Providers and interregional transfers Jürgen Wasem Poster
Research on Expenditure Accounting of Traditional Chinese Medical Hospitals in Shanghai Hai Lin Poster
Resource Allocation and Obstetrician Practice—an idea of obstetricalquality index Chin-Hung Lin and Yi-Chen HongPoster
Responding to adversity: Quasi-experimental evidence of dynamic social capital and its relation to mental health Joanna Maselko Poster
Response of non-medical consumption to health shocks in the Russian Federation: evidence from recent years Jenny Liu Poster
Review of economic evaluation of Haemophilus influenzae bacteria (hib) vaccination in the world Hendri Hartati Poster
Revisiting the resource allocation strategy vis-à-vis HIV/AIDS care: Newly emerging new risk groups and potential care providers in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu A. Edwin Sam Poster
Rising Health Care Inequalities in Transition China: What Do We Really Know? Chung-Ping Loh Poster
Risk And Factors of Surgery Fraud Claim PT. Jamsostek at Bekasi Branch Office, Indonesia Yaslis Ilyas Poster
Severity-of-illness and priority-setting: a review of the literature Koonal Shah Poster
Simulation of the Chinese Diabetes Treatment Guideline using the IHE/JNJ Diabetes Cost-Effectiveness Model Jianming He Poster
Smoking Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Physicians in Jakarta, Indonesia Pujiyanto Pujiyanto Poster
Social Health Protection: Providing access to health services for the poor in Sierra Leone Xenia Scheil-Adlung Poster
Social interaction in risky behavior by college student in Japan Sachiko Shimizu Poster
Socioeconomic Position and History of Workplace Eye Injury: Examples from Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Xinzhi Zhang Poster
Standardization in Nursing Cost and Hospital Budget Planning Poster
Statistical inference and Decomposition of the Health Achievement Index: With an empirical application using the Current Population Survey Zhuo Chen Poster
Strategies to develop an essential healthcare package: Evidence from international experience YANG Li Poster
Structural quality of health services in Mexico: a constraint for human capital formation Juan Pablo Gutierrez Poster
Study on the efficiency of flow process under four-handed dentistry Xiao-hong Liu Poster
Tax incidence Analysis in Africa: The experience of Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa Gemini Mtei Poster
Testing the community identification criterion of the poor for exemption under the national Health Insurance Scheme: Is it a Valid Criterion? A case study of the Kassena-Nankana district of Northern Ghana Patricia Akweongo Poster
The Applied Research of EQ-5D in Evaluation of Rural Insurance Schemes in China Jianmin Gao Poster
The Causal Effect of Informal Care on Female Labor Force Participation Antonio J. Trujillo Poster
The Chinese Health Care System: Structure, Problems and Challenges Jens Leth Hougaard Poster
The comparative review of satisfaction of patients in KHC " Zemun" in depend of method of work of permanent doctor and permanent nurse in 2004. and 2007.yr Snezana Dimitrijevic Poster
The direct medical cost of managing IBD patients: A Canadian population based study Teresa Longobardi Poster
The District Health System in Enugu State, Nigeria: An analysis of policy development and implementation Soludo Eze Poster
The Driving Forces behind Health Worker Migration Martine Rutten Poster
The economic impact of singleton, twin and multiple gestation pregnancies in Alberta Charles Yan Poster
The effect of community based health insurance in an Indonesian district on access and financial protection sigit riyarto Poster
The Effect of Contraceptive Knowledge on Fertility: the Roles of Mass Media and Social Networks Kai-Wen Cheng Poster
The Effect of Global Budget Payment System on Containing Medical Care Expediture under the NHI: 10 Years Experience of Taiwan Ming-Chin Yang Poster
The effect of hospital unions on nurse staffing and wages Joanne Spetz Poster
The impact of inhibitors on the cost of clotting factor replacement therapy in hemophilia A in south of Iran Hassan Haghparast Bidgoli Poster
The Impact of Poor Health on Academic Performance: New Evidence Using Genetic Markers Weili Ding Poster
The Impact of the Medicare Part D Drug Benefit on Pharmacy and Medical Care Spending Yuting Zhang Poster
The Paris Declaration in practice: challenges of health sector aid coordination at the district level in Zambia Jesper Sundewall Poster
The payment source for health care treatment among patient with HIV and its co-morbidity in Surabaya, Indonesia Hendri Hartati Poster
The Position and Role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China’s Health System Reform XinJian Fan Poster
The potential return on investment of patient safety efforts: The case of a laboratory monitoring program to decrease adverse events of ACE inhibitors and ARBs. David Smith Poster
The principles of Yin & Yang in long-term care funding systems: How does the combination of selective & universal benefits impact on the utilisation of social care services? Insights from a large-scale study in Austria. Birgit Trukeschitz Poster
The Regional Differences of Demand for Health Care in Japan Akiko Yokota Poster
The relationship between adolescent obesity and quality of life Marjory Moodie Poster
The Relationship between Incidence of Falls and Nurse Staffing, the Patient’s Risk of Falling, and the Cost of Prevent Falls Sachiko Iijima Poster
The relationship bewteen the use of subsidised pharmaceutcials and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) by individuals in Australia Jean Spinks Poster
The Standard of Medical Expenditure control based on Residents' Affordability XiaoHua Zheng Poster
The study and practice of hospital health economic "three managements in one system" management model based on Closed Loop Idea Jun-lan Liu Poster
The Study on Medical Liability Insurance and Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship Haibo Wu Poster
Too much of a good thing: Is HIV/AIDS funding strengthening African Health Systems? Karen Grepin Poster
Tracking Revenue and Gauging Financial Sustainability Under User Fee Removal in the Health Sector in Zambia Caesar Cheelo Poster
Trust and the Demand for Community-Based Health Insurance in Rural Cambodia Sachiko Ozawa Poster
U.S. Cigarette Demand: 1944-2004 Kai-Wen Cheng Poster
Up close and personal in Zambia… a case-study approach to evaluate the impact of user fee removal Barbara Carasso Poster
Using Electronic Clinical History for Improving Health Services Quality Pereira Mercedes Poster
Variation in Pill Use: Do Abortion Laws Matter? Amanda Felkey Poster
Variation in women’s preferences for microbicide distribution strategies in South Africa: Analysis of a discrete choice experment. Fern Terris-Prestholt Poster
Vertical Equity and Inequality of Allotments for Japanese Municipal Hospitals Narimasa Kumagai Poster
Waiting times for elective surgeries in Austria: A question of transparency Markus Kraus Poster
Waiting-time targets in healthcare markets. How long are we waiting? Luigi Siciliani Poster
What is the optimal allocation of resources for breast cancer prevention and care in Hong Kong Chinese population? Irene Wong Poster
Who joined the camp? Clinicians and primary care in Taiwan Mei-ling Sheu Poster
Why Do Some Governments Spend More on Health Than Others? Ajay Tandon Poster
Will microbicide introduction affect condom use? Analysis of a discrete choice experiment among urban South African women. Fern Terris-Prestholt Poster
Willingness to Pay for Health Facilities: A Case study to Support a Better Health Financing Scheme in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia Mardiati Nadjib Poster
Willingness to pay for PET cancer screening Chisato Hamashima Poster